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General Questions

How is Hemp different from Marijuana?

While both hemp and marijuana belong to the cannabis genus of plants, they are genetically-different .  Hemp cannot be used as a recreational drug due to its genetics not producing psychoactive levels of Delta-9 THC.  The trace amounts of THC contained in hemp is nowhere near enough to cause psychoactive effects and a hemp plant will never produce high THC.  Hemp contains high levels of cannabinoids and cannot “turn into” marijuana at any point.  

Is Hemp legal?

Yes! While there are regulations and permit requirements for handling RAW hemp, dried/processed hemp product packaged for consumer use is legal to possess, sell, and transport (2018 Farm Bill, South Carolina State Statue 44-56-10).  We at Killer Watts Farm have accepted the role as hemp activists in order to protect the rights of consumers, farmers, and business owners.  We have had multiple meetings with the authors of the law, local solicitors, attorneys, law enforcement, and various legislatures to make sure that we’re all working together to work within the law and can keep providing a product that helps so many people.  

Why smoke or "vape" hemp?

One of the products we offer is hemp flower/bud.  Hemp flower can be smoked in the form of a preroll, in various types of pipes, or from a dry herb vaporizer.  Smoking hemp increases the bioavailability (the speed of onset of relief and effectiveness) of CBD vs. oral and topical methods.  The CBD in hemp is known to have an anti-inflammatory effect and many people use smokable hemp (which distributes CBD to the large, permeable surface of the interior of the lungs) to treat lung issues and reduce the need for inhalers.  There’s even evidence of smokable hemp reducing the symptoms of COPD!  The smokable hemp is the exact same product that is used in CBD oil.  They are just injested differently!

When using a dry herb vaporizer, you are inhaling vapor rather than smoke as well as heating below combustible limits which protect the terpenes contained in the plant.  

How do I use the hemp flower/bud?

The possibilities are endless!  You can smoke the bud via your preferred method (pipe, glass, paper, dry herb vaporizer, etc), use it in cannabis recipes, and/or create your own personal-use tinctures, oils, or lotions. 

Do we use chemicals?

No, we do not!!!  We do not use chemicals on the plants and we are growing in soil that has not been farmed in over fifty years, therefore chemicals have not been used in our soil, either.  We also do regular soil testing to ensure safety.  Our CBD oil is even made via a chemical-free lipid extraction!

What makes your CBD oil different?

We’re glad you asked!!!  Our  CBD oil is FULL SPECTRUM, whole plant oil that contains only two ingredients: Hemp flower and organic MCT oil.  You will find much cheaper oils as well as much more expensive oils on the market.  It is important to us to provide a quality CBD oil that doesn’t break the bank. Just because we don’t charge hundreds of dollars for our CBD oil doesn’t mean it isn’t highly effective.  

Many oils on the market “bump up” their CBD milligrams by adding isolate, distillate, and/or are made from hemp seed oil rather than hemp plant.  

All CBD oils are NOT created equal.  A full spectrum oil containing the whole plant preserves the plant’s perfect balance of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavanoids.  It’s not all about milligrams, either!  We are proud of all our return customers with amazing testimonies who are blown away by the effects they receive from a high-quality CBD oil.  Higher milligram and higher price does not necessarily get you results.  We stand behind our oil and are confident you’ll be blown away!  

Can I visit the farm and/or do you have a storefront?

We care about our plants!  Security and limited access to “our girls” is important to us so we do not disclose our location nor do we have a storefront.  All of us at Killer Watts Farm are always available, though!!!  We will gladly speak with you, visit you, and do anything we can to answer questions!  You’ll find we’re always eager to talk about our plants!  

Where can I find your products?

There are many ways to purchase Killer Watts Farm products!  Our products are available for purchase online as well as at several local retailers.  We love supporting other small businesses as well as fellow farmers!  

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